Freebies for my readers

Since we are snowed in this week, and I am privileged to have electricity and Internet, I used the extra time to prepare a few surprises for my readers. I am so thankful for you and I want to make your life teaching or using my books as easy as possible! So…

  1. Make sure you check the Alice, Khadra, and Camille free resources posts as I have updated them with even more free resources!
  2. If you own a class set of each book in the trilogy, I have a SUPER SPECIAL gift for you: books’ illustrations in COLOR, including a never published before illustration of our four friends! You can use them for Picture Talk, Write & Discuss, and to generate a ton of great conversations. So, if you own a class set of Alice, and/or Khadra and/or Camille, please get in touch with me so I can send you these beautiful illustrations, made by the amazing Jennifer Nolasco.
  3. And don’t forget to join our online community at Toward Proficiency on FB where passionate teachers are sharing how they use my resources 🙂

Happy reading!

Illustrations J. Nolasco

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