Special Person – my favorite resources

Special Person is a good way to get to know your students. Since it has been extensively described and blogged about (check out this process document and other free stuff by Bryce Hedstrom), I will focus this post on sharing my favorite resources for the classroom:

Which questions to ask?

  • Mapping of possible questions based on your students proficiency level
  • Special Person Interview Posters for Novice learners

Do students take notes during the interview?

  • They don’t have to but here is a good low accountability graphic organizer. This can be easily turned into a study guide if you want to formally assess your students, or a souvenir yearbook of our class if you want to give them something special.

What to do after Special Person?

What if I teach virtually or a mix of in person and remote students?

  • Here is a slideshow you can use with your remote students. Credit to Amy Marshall for providing topic choices to her students.

Happy interview!


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