Staying In Our Lanes Project

The Staying in Our Lanes Project so far consists of a one-hour introductory webinar and a book for anyone who is considering writing language-learner literature and curriculum, and for anyone who wants to take an active part in uncolonizing their classroom libraries. We propose models for writing that lead to respectful interculturality by honoring the uncolonizing principles of #OwnVoices, a movement in literature emphasizing the production of books in which the author and protagonist share a marginalized identity.

Donations are encouraged. All profits from this project are donated to We Need Diverse Books.

For more information about who we are and what the project is about, please click here.

WEBINAR: Writing Toward the Acquisition of Respectful Interculturality

In this one-hour webinar we present several models for teachers/authors who wish to write respectful language-learner literature and curriculum that honor the principles of #Ownvoices. What we are proposing is not a subtraction but an addition: something that fills our deepest aspirations and values as teachers of language and interculturality, far beyond the oppressive structure and practices of the status-quo. Please allow 48 hours for an email confirmation.


Challenging the Colonialism in World Language-Learner Literature: Paths for Writing Toward Respectful Interculturality

In this current historical moment, many authors and publishers face questions of how to create books with authentic representations of literary characters from different identities. In the field of world language education, many teacher-authors, particularly if they are not members of the cultures that speak the languages they teach, are asking: “If I honor the #OwnVoices movement, where is there space for my own creativity?” In response, the Staying in Our Lanes Project believes: Every voice is essential. We all have a place from which to write. We can do better on how we make space for all voices. This book articulates models for writing that make space for everyone’s voice, and addresses the urgent need for a more respectful interculturality in world language-learner literature. (Shipping included) Please allow 48 hours for an email confirmation from us.