Staying In Our Lanes Project

The Staying in Our Lanes Project so far consists of a book (in process) and a one-hour webinar for anyone who is considering writing language-learner literature and curriculum. We propose models for writing that lead to respectful interculturality by honoring the decolonizing principles of #OwnVoices, a movement in literature emphasizing the production of books in which the author and protagonist share a marginalized identity.

Representation in literature provides mirrors in which students see themselves, and windows by which to develop understanding of others. This is an historic moment in which White and/or globally-imperial world language teachers and authors are being asked to be allies in movements of decolonization. 

Donations are encouraged. All profits from this project are donated to We Need Diverse Books.

For more information about who we are and what the project is about, please click here.

WEBINAR: Writing Toward the Acquisition of Respectful Interculturality

In this one-hour webinar we present several models for teachers/authors who wish to write respectful language-learner literature and curriculum that honor the principles of #Ownvoices. What we are proposing is not a subtraction but an addition: something that fills our deepest aspirations and values as teachers of language and interculturality, far beyond the oppressive structure and practices of the status-quo. Please allow 24 hours for us to send you a link to the webinar. All profits from this project are donated to We Need Diverse Books.

5.00 $