Digging for gold: 4 tips to get the most out of Comprehensible Online

Comprehensible Online 2020 is now open until May 17. With so many sessions to choose from, here are 3 quick tips that helped me dig for gold last year!

#1 Go for topics YOU WANT TO GROW IN FIRST

Last year, I was really interested in expanding my reading program and my classroom management skills (I still am). So, I went deep with the sessions inside of these two topics. Inside the reading topics which was quite large, there were sessions setting-up your library, helping students to choose books, and reading for pleasure. These are the sessions I focused on first.

Inside the catch-all topic “TPRS/CI Activities”, I selected sessions based on titles/description.

Here are the topics for this year and the number of sessions in each (may still be subject to minor changes).

  • New to TPRS/CI (3)
  • Classroom Demos (5)
  • Classroom Management (4)
  • Classroom Setup (2)
  • Culture (6)
  • Curriculum (5)
  • Differentiation (2)
  • Elementary (1)
  • Games (1)
  • Grading and Assessment (5)
  • Heritage/Native Speakers (3)
  • Intermediate CI (1)
  • Reading Strategies/Activities (17)
  • Research of CI/SLA (3)
  • Teacher Wellness (2)
  • Tech and CI (2)
  • Textbooks and CI (3)
  • TPRS/CI Activities (26)
  • Other Activities/Topics (5)


At the bottom right of the screen, there is a setting icon. When you click on it, you can adjust the speed of the presentation. I adjusted the speed throughout the sessions A LOT last year to get through the sessions faster, without losing what the presenters were explaining.


The entire conference all goes away on May 17, so make sure to download the handouts! I know some teachers who download all the handouts first, and then view the sessions.


You know how you never want to read the comments on a YouTube video? Well, you do want to use the comments function and engage with the presenter at Comprehensible Online. To be honest, some presenters were more or less responsive last year but in my quest for digging for gold, I had follow-up questions I posted them in the comments. When I got answers, there were really helpful for me to go and implement what I had seen during the sessions.

Have a wonderful conference!

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