10-15 min Story Listening – Halloween edition!

Looking for spooky stories to tell on Halloween week? The Stories First foundation has got you covered! Here is my selection for my Novice students. I will deliver these stories in my “one story a day” routine using Story Listening supplementation.

Don’t speak French? Read on, all of these stories except the first one exist in English. I share the links to English scripts with you in this post.

1. Le fantôme qui pète by Wiaz

Who said ghost stories have to be spooky? I unfortunately cannot post the story scripts as it is copyrighted but here is the book cover to wet your appetite!


Story listening in my classroom 


2. The Stolen Pennies by the Grimm brothers

Full story in English      Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!)

A haunted house. The ghost of a young girl. Two pennies.

Story listening in my classroom

deux pennies

3. Le doigt de pied poilu, a folk tale retold by by S.E. Schlosser

Full story in English     Adapted script in French

An old lady find a big hairy toe in the forest.

Story listening in my classroom

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 2.34.31 PM

4. Catterinetta, an Italian folktale

Adapted script in English Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!)

A young girl disobeys her aunt and suffers the consequences.

Unfortunately the video stopped within 2 minutes and no one noticed. So no video. But THAT story was so awesome, in a gross kind of way!

5. Le ruban vert by Alvin Schwartz

Adapted script in French

Jenny always wears her green ribbon and everyone is dying to know why she never takes it off.

Story listening in my classroom

6. Barbe-Bleue by Charles Perault

Full story in English        Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!)

A rich man marries 10 times and 10 times his wives disappear mysteriously. Will his 11th wife survive the curse?

I ended up doing this story as an Intermediate story, which lasted 45 minutes. Here is the Intermediate script I prepared.

7. Dame Trude by the Grimm Brothers

Full story in English       Adapted script in French (Thanks, Claire Walter!)

Story listening in my classroom

Happy Halloween!

More stories here and here.


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