After the joyful experience of my fist read-aloud with my 7th grade class, and the awesome request by a student to “read more stories”, I decided that I should let my students choose our next book.

I created two short (cheesy and amateur) book trailers, which I am sharing here with permissions from the authors:

“Superhamburgers” by Mike Peto

“La France en danger” by Mira Canion

After watching the book trailer, I let the students read the first two pages of each book on their own. This allowed them to assess the difficulty of each text.

Finally, using a simple google form, students took a vote based on interest and difficulty.

“La France en danger” won and we are now reading it together as another read-aloud!

[The whole process took roughly 15-20 min.]


Vote results projected live for my students to see

What do you do to encourage student choice in reading for Novice learners?

I would love to hear your ideas.