#NonAuHarcelement join the prevention poster contest

Here we go again. Once in a while, I get so engrossed in writing an article for Le Petit Journal Francophone about a topic dear to my heart, that I don’t want to stop and end-up creating an entire cultural mini unit.

Did you know? 700,000 students get harassed each year in French primary, middle, and high schools (5.83% of the student population). And in the US, we have 3.2 million students bullied each year (6.31% of our student population). We have to do better.

In 2014, the French government created a national day of awareness against harassment at school. While researching the event and the prevention campaign for Le Petit Journal, I discovered this site, filled with amazing and poignant resources to talk about harassment/bullying with students and adults. Each year, the French government also organizes a prevention poster contest, where French pupils design a poster to raise awareness against this phenomenon.

So, I have a task for you my fellow French teachers: will you and your classes participate in a prevention poster contest? 

Poster Contest

Whether or not you subscribe to Le Petit Journal, I hope you will consider having your classes participate in this poster contest!

And if you are interested in the accompanying cultural mini-unit on harassment/bullying at school, I designed it to prepare Novice High and above students to create their posters. Here is what you will find:

• A Pre-test (Background knowledge activation)
• A Movie Talk (video clip from the 2017-18 prevention campaign)
• A Picture Talk (Best High School prevention poster)
• An article, written in comprehensible French (France : journée nationale « non au harcèlement » )
• A Post-test

I look forward to seeing what your classes come up with with! Don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions.


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