Story Listening: Lessons from classroom practice

When Liam Printer invited to me to provide a classroom perspective on Story Listening on his podcast, The Motivated Classroom, my first response was to say “non merci” and to recommend my friend Megan Hayes instead 🙂 Megan is an amazing Spanish teacher who uses Story Listening almost exclusively in her elementary classroom. Make sure to her YouTube channel a follow, no matter what language you teach. I, on the other hand, have thoroughly engaged with Story Listening but do not use it exclusively.

Liam convinced me that my perspective as a practitioner who has used Story Listening in a variety of settings (Elementary, Middle School, and High School) would be valuable and relevant to his listeners, as part of his series on Story Listening.

Our episode is out and available where you typically get your podcasts. Some questions we address are:

  1. How I got started with Story Listening.
  2. How I implemented it in a variety of settings and myths I had to debunk.
  3. How to set-up Story Listening in the classroom so that both teachers and students are primed for success.
  4. What stories to start with.
  5. What to do after the story.
  6. And the big one: Is Story Listening enough for language acquisition?

I must say I am really proud of this episode. I hope you give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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