Women and girls who inspire us, a unit for Novice High learners

This year, I am teaching at an all-girl school and decided to create a unit for my French 2 students called “Ces femmes et ces filles qui nous inspirent”.


We started with a card talk on women who inspire us and whether or not they share common characteristics. I collected the cards afterwards, and I created the unit based on the women and girls who inspire my students!

Since I was developing curriculum as we went, we spent maybe two or three days on each woman, and we finished with a Write & Discuss or a small project.

At the end of the quarter, I used an Integrated Performance Assessment.


I am sharing below mini lessons and resources. I hope you can re-use some of them in your classrooms:

Greta Thunberg

Taylor Swift

Malala Yousafzai

  • If you want to go further with Malala and the theme “L’Education pour tous” Catherine Ousselin has designed a very thoughtful and comprehensive unit on the topic with accompanying website.

Serena Williams

Emma Watson

Simon Veil (Integrated Performance Assessment, please email me to receive a copy of the assessment)


  1. Cette leçon est vraiment centrée sur l’intérêt des étudiant.e.s! J’adore la question: est-ce qu’ils parlent français? Tellement drôle de voir votre célébrité préférée parler en français! Merci Cécile pour ce partage!

    • Merci Nelly! je pense que c’est parfait pour la fin de l’année parce qu’en effet c’est centre sur leurs intérêts. Par une extraordinaire coincidence, Taylor Swift vient de sortir une chanson ou elle parle un peu français. Mes élèves sont arrivées toutes excitées en classe pour me le dire et on va la regarder aujourd’hui comme “Brain Break”.

  2. Great lesson. Have you seen the recently released video with Taylor speaking French in the beginning? Might be fun to add. Thanks for sharing!

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