Le Loup veut cuisiner un gâteau aux pommes

“Loup” is a beloved character in my house. The picture book series by Orianne Lallemand and Eléonore Thuillier feature a really nice wolf, whose adventures are so fun and refreshing! Since my daughters love him, I decided to bring one of Loup’s adventures (“Le Loup qui découvrait le pays des contes.”) to life in my Elem classroom.

As usual with my Elem group, I used Story-Listening and this time followed-up with a Break Out EDU activity about the story, which allowed my little ones to read portions of the story and break out the recipe from the book.

I am really excited to have received permission from “Maison d’Edition AUZOU” to share this with you!


Click on the picture above to access lesson plan and materials

If you are interested in doing more Story-Listening in your class, feel free to join the Story-Listening FB group!

Happy Storytelling 🙂





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