This is the first of a series of posts about French AP. Several colleagues told me it would be helpful if I shared my materials so here we go! Feel free to critique them, use them, share them, toss them, ask questions about them, whatever you like! I try to give credit where credit is deserved but if you find that I forgot to credit someone/an organization, please do let me know.

For my AP curriculum, please click here.

In this first post, I am sharing an admin folder called: AP Exam How to and useful Rubrics/Tools, where you will find:

1. Course and Exam Description Effective Fall 2011 Revised Edition (available on the AP Central – French Language and Culture Home Page)

2. A list of useful transition and cohesive devices 

  • For each level of French, I have a list of transition words I expect my students to use. So by the time students reach AP, this list is not daunting at all.

3. AP exam at a glance

  • a simple one-pager explaining the format of the exam.

4. Student self generated vocabulary rubric and example

  • I am preparing a blog post about this one (**2017 update, here is the blog post, finally!). I don’t give my students vocab lists. Rather, they have to give me the vocab that THEY have learned through what they read, viewed, listened to, etc. during a particular unit. This has proven so powerful, I am now doing it starting at Intermediate Low.

5. “How to” guides for the following free response sections:

  • Cultural Comparison
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Formal email reply