My awesome seniors and my crazy 7th graders

I was absent during spirit week this year and I told my seniors how sad I was not to have been able to dress-up  A few girls said we should figure out a way to dress-up again. From this conversation, we started brainstorming ideas for National French Week and we came up with a mixture of “traditional” events (French breakfast) and more unusual events (Francophone dress-up day).


(our “Dress like a Francophone” day)

Then I approached my middle school French Club, composed mostly of 7th graders, and asked them what their idea of a fun National French Week looked like.  To my surprise, the students proposed to reenact the storming of the famous prison “La Bastille”, which symbolizes the French Revolution. With limited resources and only 2 weeks to go, we all rolled-up our sleeves. With support from our social studies department and a few parents, we created home-made costumes,  transformed the main office into La Bastille, and rehearsed a few French phrases such as the French motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” for authenticity. I am a little nervous but I am looking forward to our gig on Wednesday!

Here is the rest of the program for the week: click here.

Joyeuse Semaine Nationale Du Français!

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