Resources to create your World Languages SLO

A few weeks ago, I went to a very productive training on SLO given by Martha Pero (Hudson High School, OH). Here are three great resources to get started with your SLO:

(Post updated on 9/19/2015)

1. OFLA/ODE Vision document for WL SLO

WL SLO Guidance document

2. Link to the Spanish 1 SLO on the ODE website (Applicable to all languages)

Spanish 1 SLO

3. SLO wiki from Martha Halemba (Pero) with useful information about “I can statements” and examples of IPA

Martha Halemba’s (Pero) wiki

4. SLO checklist from ODE

SLO Checklist

5. Everything you want to know about SLO on the ODE website

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