Resources to create Integrated Performance Assessments

This is a living and evolving list of key resources to create and implement IPAs:

  • ACTFL Implementing IPA for roughly $30 (click). Worth every penny, this resource offers strategies for creating IPAs, and concrete examples for different languages and different levels of proficiency. it also includes rubrics (though in teacher jargon, not very student friendly in my opinion)
  • I like this website from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (UM)because it offers concrete examples of IPAs for any language and additional resources (click)
  • Paul Sandrock, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, gives examples of IPAs at all levels and tools to assess the quality of your IPA (click)


  1. When do the students present the presentational task of the IPA? Do the students film themselves or do they present live in front of the class? If they present in class, wouldn’t all of their presentations be very similar? Do you do them all in one day?

    • Bonjour, I rarely do presentational speaking. In terms of speaking, I prefer to focus on interpersonal speaking. So most of my presentational tasks are writing. Now, when I do presentational speaking, I let them prepare, peer edit, and rehearse before they have to actually present, especially Novice / Int Low. Typically we do in class but I have had them film themselves too. Check here for an example of IPA with a presentational speaking task Check here for examples of IPA with presentational writing let me know if this helps and if you have more questions.

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