Here are the workshops and conferences I am involved with, alongside a variety of outstanding educators/presenters.

TFLTA – “The Power of Communication to Connect Cultures”

NOV 5-6, 2021 IN PERSON!

“Compelling and Comprehensible from Day One” (3-hour workshop)”

Connect Novices to Cultures with CI” (50-min session)

Register here


I am so thrilled to be back to Agen, the conference that started it all!

I will be teaching a language lab all week (super excited) and presenting “Connect Novices to Cultures with CI”.


February 13 – May 16, 2021 (and beyond)

Whether you have a little time or a lot of time, COMPREHENDED! adapts to you. Register for a three-month, six-month, or nine-month pass to conference your way. Need more time, purchase an extension up to a total of twelve months. Watch what you want, how much you want, when you want any time you want during your conference pass. It’s that easy.

I am presenting “Movie Talk, it’s all about the story!” (RECORDED) and “Story Listening in action” (LIVE)

OFLA Webinar Series

Mondays 6:00PM – 7:30PM EST

Current members of OFLA can still register for OFLA webinar series for free and can access the recordings of the webinars by going to All of these recordings will be available to registered participants until 1/31/2021.

I am facilitating “Humans first: noticing and including remote learners in the hybrid classroom”.


It is not too late to see all the recordings from the Online Agen Workshop 2020. Here is the link to share with friends who may have missed out: Register here

I am presenting ” Teachers As Librarians”, three workshops packed with ideas and techniques to help you build your classroom library and guide your students to read independently.

I am facilitating a round table with my friend Megan Hayes – “Creating Spaces of Inclusion and Belonging with Classroom Stories“.

IFLT – JULY 14-17, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-

CI IN THE MITTEN ​- “On the path to language acquisition” APRIL 17-18, 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

“Unleash the power of stories with Story Listening”

OFLA Conference – “The future is clear”, APRIL 2-4 2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19

“Unleash the power of stories in the World Language classroom” (3-hour workshop)

Teachers as librarians: guide your students to become independent readers” (50-min session)

Comprehensible Online

FEB 15 – MAY 17, 2020

Comprehensible and Compelling from Day One” (60-min session)

Keep your strategies simple and flexible” (60-min session)

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TFLTA – “Learn a language, lead with heart”

NOV 8-9, 2019

Backward design: design powerful input-based cultural units” (3-hour workshop)”

Teachers as librarians: guide your students to become independent readers” (50-min session)

AATF Luncheon – guest of honor (read a transcript of my speech here)

ACTFL 2018

NOV 16-18, 2018