“I find the value of these workshops to be exceptional. I’ve read about these practices, but it is amazing how much I learn and the confidence I gain from seeing it up close and personal. Excellent work- truly. ” Compelling and Comprehensible Nashville series participant

“Cécile does not just help teachers answer the question, “What is the best way to teach language?”; she helps them answer the question, “What is the best way for ME to teach language to MY students?”. I learn something from Cécile EVERY time that I get to watch her present, coach, or teach.”  
Martina Bex, The Comprehensible Classroom

“We’re a diverse faculty (in terms of languages and levels we teach, number of years we’ve served, and our exposure to CI), and Cecile brought us all together under our common goal of providing compelling, comprehensible input to our students. After our workshop, I feel encouraged, energized, and supported in taking my practice to the next level, and in cheering others along as they work toward the same goal.” Ruth Ann G., World Language Department Head, TN

“…It can be very overwhelming, but Cécile helps me focus on the next steps and what is best for me and my students. I have grown so far in teaching with Comprehensible Input in such little time because of her.” Sarah R., High School French Teacher, MO

” Cécile is always willing to go the extra mile to see you succeed as a teacher. She has been a pillar in my growth as a CI teacher: she has introduced me to new techniques to provide input, but she has also helped me get better at each one of them. I have seen her focus on each teacher’s needs, and she will meet you wherever you are in your professional path. ” Claudia R., Middle School Spanish Teacher, TN

“Cécile works tirelessly and determinedly in many contexts to equip teachers with the tools and skills they need to get all students proficient in a second language. her leadership in our field that is helping to move us from a nation of only a small percentage of adults who are truly able to communicate in another language. ” Teri W., IFLT Program Coordinator

“Cécile´s mentoring has been tremendous as I learn to be an effective CI teacher. I have learned inspiring strategies for delivering CI at conferences and online but implementing them successfully takes skill and lots of trial and error. Cécile has been there to coach me through the growing pains, without judgment, but from a place of caring, support and the wisdom that comes from experience. I don´t know where I would be without her!” Carmen V., Spanish teacher, CA

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned from Cécile by participating in workshops that she has taught, reading her blog posts, watching videos of her lessons, and from conversations I’ve had with her as a colleague and friend. Sometimes she can make teaching look and sound so easy, but she is always quick to candidly share her own shortcomings or challenges. Her
combination of confidence and humility inspires me to press on and achieve more for the students in my own classroom.” Emily V., Elementary Spanish teacher & Language South director

“Cécile is organized, experienced, professional, and most importantly, thoughtful, and compassionate. She sees the big picture and is committed to empowering teachers to create a positive and equitable environment in their classroom. She will work with you to personalize your language program while simultaneously building you up to become a better teacher.” Megan H., Elementary Spanish teacher, OH