For me, it is not so much about “what technology could I introduce in the classroom?” but more “what technology would support/enhance my students’ learning and motivate them to produce more/better language?”

Some ideas I have implemented in the last few years. By no mean definitive or complete.

French 1

1. Create a French speaking avatar (Presentational):

2. Create tutorials using Jing or (Presentational):

3. Say who you are in a wordle (Presentational):

4. Texting in French (Interpersonal):

5. Introduce your school to your pen pals using voice/video (Presentational)

French 2:

1. Write and shoot a cooking show (Presentational)

French 3

1. Create a travel blog – choose your own media, read, and comment on each others’ blogs (Presentational/Interpersonal):

2. Write and shoot a TV show, sitcom or drama – Have a “cérémonie des Césars afterwards!) (Presentational)

French 4

1. Write a poetry blog, comment on each others’ poems (Presentational/Interpersonal)

2. Write and shoot a newscast (Presentational)

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