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  1. Hi, I am looking at Alice, Khadra et CAmille and I understand it is a series, but each can be read independently of the others. Alice has the most number of words, but does it have the simplest structures? Does Keadra have more complex structures, and then Camille the most complex of the three? Merci

    • Hi Brenda, the number of unique words is about the same (300-340) and so are the structures and tenses. Feel free to read a sample of each book on my blog to get a feel.

  2. I love this process and am planning on doing it with Advanced adult students. I especially like the idea of combining it with Fluency Writing.

  3. I love this post! Thanks Cécile, for answering the question on everyone’s mind. 🙂

  4. With my larger classes, I have students ask each other the questions in partners or small groups so they all get to express themselves at least to a peer. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful slide show!

  5. Bonjour Cécile,
    Merci pour le document partagé avec les histoires d’Alice Ayel. Je venais juste de commencer à faire un document comme ça avec les 3 premières histoires. C’est super d’en avoir plus d’un coup…

    I have made a Quizlet Set for the first 3 stories. This is to introduce the vocabulary to students with the Flashcards (they can also start with that on their own), and doing revisions with later.
    Would that be part of a CI lesson? Or would you rather not do that?
    (I can had the link to the document shared but didn’t want to do it without asking first.)
    Merci de me dire…

  6. Cecil, thanks for sharing such wonderful resources. I clicked on “supplementation” and the link led me to internet limbo. Could you please share what supplementation refers to?

  7. This is wonderful! Thanks so very much for sharing. Vous êtes merveilleuse!

  8. Bonjour, my Fr 2 students and I read Alice and Khadra first semester. We will read Camille second semester. We enjoyed listening to the recordings of each chapter of Alice and Khadra. Will you be making recordings of Camille? Merci!

    • Bonjour, I am so glad you and your students enjoyed the first two books. Camille is my favorite one! There is a recording of Camille available in this very post. Let me know if you can’t see it.

      • Chere Cecile, je m’excuse. Je vois maintenant. J’ai oublie que c’est un dossier “zip” avec tous les fichiers. Merci et bien a vous, Brenda

  9. I have been using Raconte-moi! encore! and Conte-inuons! (Carol Gaab’s French textbooks,) for the past ten years. Wayside is not selling it (not that I could find.) Is there something similar?

  10. I am wondering how you use these videos in the clasroom? Do you show them and discuss in French? Do you create vocabulary lists or chat mats?

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for your question. I don’t use the videos, I use the stories as Story Listening. Search my website or click on that very first link I shared at the top of the post to learn more about this way of storytelling in the target language. You can also visit my YouTube channel to see examples of Story Listening in French.

  11. Bonjour! Your links in this post seem to be down. Do you have any updated ones? Merci!

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