All my books are now available as eBooks

I love holding books, I am kind of old fashioned like that. I personally never warmed up to eBooks. My 5th grade daughter however can easily switch from her Kindle to a tablet, and then to a paper back. And she seems to enjoy all these formats equally!

So, no matter what kind of reader you are, there is now an option for you to buy all my series as eBooks: Alice (French), Khadra (French), Camille (French), and Alicia (Spanish). For now, I have set the price as low as Amazon will allow me ($2.99), so as to support anyone who wants to read during social distancing.

Happy reading!

PS: you don’t need a Kindle to read an eBook, just download the Kindle app on your tablet and voilà!


  1. Salut! I teach French in Germany and would love to read Alice with my students. However, the Kindle edition seems to be only available in the US and UK. Is there any way it could be made available in my country? Thank you!

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