#COVID19WL Temporary online access to Alice, Alicia, and Khadra

I know a lot of teachers are seeking to provide quality input online for their students. This is no easy task. So, if you can send me reasonable evidence that you purchased a class set of one of my language readers (Alice, Alicia, or Khadra), I will email you a non downloadable, non printable, temporary link to the manuscript so you may use it with your students (and only your students) until May 31st.

I have already made the recording of both Alice and Khadra available for free (check the links above). So, if you want, you could even pair the reading with listening to me reading the books and save your voice. If you would like to purchase a class set, the product page on this site remains the cheapest option ($6.50 per book instead of $8.00 on Amazon Prime).

Here is a quick video guide created by Fluency Matters, which clearly explains what copyright violation versus fair use is.

Please contact me via my Contact page with any questions.


  1. I belueve I bought several of your books at NECTFLT. I’d like temporary access for myself just for my own practice during Coronatime. If I like it and feel it would be accessible to my students I can advocate for my district to pay for a class set

    • Thanks for your interest. I am sorry but the offer is only for teachers who have purchased a class set (20). If you want to read a sample, there is one available for each book in the links I provided. Best,

  2. Merci Cecile, c’est VRAIMENT gentil! Mes élèves adorent tes livres, mais ils (les livres) sont enfermés dans l’école ! Les élèves vont être vraiment contents!! Merci, merci. Porte-toi bien, Sylvie

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