Join me at Comprehensible Online 2020!

Comprehensible Online is an incredible opportunity to receive quality professional development in your PJs! From February 15 to May 17 2020, you can deep dive into the joyful world of providing Compelling and Comprehensible Input with experienced practitioners, whenever you want, wherever you want. Check out this awesome list of presenters!

I am excited to be a presenter at Comprehensible Online in 2020. My sessions are: “Compelling and Comprehensible from Day One” and “Keep your strategies simple and flexible”.

I am excited to watch hours of valuable PD from my peers on topics I am interested in. Check out this awesome list of sessions! Before the conference starts, I will blog about how I handle the sheer amount of sessions while keeping my sanity.

I am excited to see classroom demos. I always miss those so much when I am not at IFLT!

And finally, I am really excited to be giving back. If you registerusing my code, CECILE, you will get $25 off and I will receive a commission. I pledge to use 50% of my commission to support French classroom libraries, by purchasing books for French teachers and their students! More to come on this once registration closes.


  1. This sounds like a great opportunity for learning! Are there any credits that can be applied to it? I would love to be able to get reimbursement from my school.

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