Compelling and Comprehensible Input YEAR 1 and beyond

CONFESSION: I don’t like being prescriptive. I completely understand the need to follow a recipe especially when you begin your journey but I hesitate to provide a “one size fit all” recipe. There are so many ways to cook a delicious meal!

— I am talking about language acquisition here đź™‚

Yet, so many teachers have been asking “what do I do?” and “how do I keep it interesting?”, that I decided to document my “curriculum” in a way that is shareable.

Based on my journey in many different school settings, this is my attempt at balancing what I have learned about language acquisition, what I have seen in my own classrooms, what I am good at, and the feedback I have collected from my students and my peers year after year. Yet, it is not set in stone and continues living and breathing as I meet and get to grow with new unique students every year.

If you would like to make a donation towards all the work that goes into organzing and sharing these resources and supporting WL teachers, my paypal is and my Venmo is @Cecile-Laine.


COMPELLING AND COMPREHENSIBLE – YEAR 3 (has not been updated since 2018)

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