Compelling and Comprehensible Input YEAR 1 and beyond

CONFESSION: I don’t like being prescriptive. I completely understand the need to follow a recipe especially when you begin your journey but I hesitate to provide a “one size fit all” recipe. There are so many ways to cook a delicious meal!

— I am talking about language acquisition here đź™‚

Yet, so many teachers have been asking “what do I do?” and “how do I keep it interesting?”, that I decided to document my “curriculum” in a way that is shareable.

Based on my journey in many different school settings, this is my attempt at balancing what I have learned about language acquisition, what I have seen in my own classrooms, what I am good at, and the feedback I have collected from my students and my peers year after year. Yet, it is not set in stone and continues living and breathing as I meet and get to grow with new unique students every year.

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COMPELLING AND COMPREHENSIBLE – YEAR 3 (has not been updated since 2018)


  1. Hi, CĂ©cile,

    I hope you’re doing well and that you’re finally finding time to breathe after another school year is closing down.

    I wanted to ask if you would be willing to share your French one final? I saw on Facebook that you had recommended emailing you for it and I would love to have a copy if that’s still OK. Assessment has been the most difficult part of teaching with CI because our school demands a 2-hour assessment at the end of every year and I really don’t want to drill the students.

    Merci encore pour tout ce que tu fais pour nous!


      • Are you still willing to share your French 1 final? I’m trying to incorporate more CI in my instruction and find myself in the same predicament as Jenn above.
        Merci mille fois pour votre aide! Your resources are so helpful!

      • Of course! I don;t post my mid term and Final exams because I don’t want students to find them 🙂 but I am happy to share them with you via email. Leave your email address here or email me at cecileflaine at gmail dot com.

      • I’d love to see your French 1 finals as well!

  2. Bonjour, CĂ©cile!

    Does this mean you will use fewer songs in class this year? I’m trying to outline my next year as well and just made a list of songs that I would like to use each week 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing!


    • Hi Wendy, thank you for your thoughtful question! Yes, I was more picky about Novice songs this year and will continue to do so. For Year 1. I put an example of Novice songs on the YEAR 1 document but I can go through my folder and share a list.: on the top of my head we did Kids United, Le Lion, Je suis, and Champs ÉlysĂ©es but we also did a March Musical Madness where we looked at Tout Oublier, and some of the MS type songs (not sure if I will do March Madness again or not, I think it will depends on the class I put it under Specials in the document).

      What are some of your favorite Novice songs?

  3. Hello! I will be teaching MS & HS French at an all-male school this fall… after teaching elementary Spanish for more than a decade. I will basically be starting from scratch, so I really, REALLY appreciate that you are sharing your Year by Year!!
    Merci d’avance !!!

  4. Cecile, I’ve recently discovered your blog – I am finding so much here that is helpful. Wondering.. do you have a document like those above for level 2? I teach 1 and 3 also but wonder how “the middle year” might look in this format. It helps meet my need for some structure and predictability in planning, but also novelty and spontaneity i.e. choosing different movie talks, etc.. Thanks so much for generously sharing!!! – Mary McKeon ; ASL Teacher, Traverse City Michigan

    • I am glad some of this is helpful to you! I only taught level 2 at the beginning of my career and again last year, so I don’t feel like I have a good handle on that level 2. Having said that, I will be sharing a partial curriculum for that level soon.

    • I am sorry for responding so late! I have only taught French 2 twice: once at the beginning of my career and once last year. I am happy to share what I did but it will not be a “natural progression” 1-2-3 because I had to put my 2s under the same story regimen as my 1s. At any rate, perhaps even a partial curriculum may help others so I will post in the near future!

  5. Bonjour CĂ©cile!
    I cannot express my gratitude to you for the incredible resources you share. They have helped me so much in my planning and reflection.
    Can you advise how to access the videos and other materials for the French 3 curriculum?
    Merci d’avance!

    Lynnette Schroeder
    French Teacher, New Jersey

    • Bonsoir et merci. The videos are embedded in the document asf links. So for example, for “How do francophone people in the francophone world spend their summer vacation”, there are links in the document. If this does not make any sense, please email me at cecile f laine at gmail dot com with the specific video you are looking for and I will forward.

  6. I have been using Raconte-moi! encore! and Conte-inuons! (Carol Gaab’s French textbooks,) for the past ten years. Wayside is not selling it (not that I could find.) Is there something similar?

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