In 2013, I wrote a post about drawing to keep students engaged in listening. While I am further along in my journey with how I provide comprehensible input to my students, my students and I still enjoy a good “blind drawing” session once in a while and I have the perfect one to share with you!

Quick overview of process:

  1. Teacher describes an image — teacher walks around
  2. Students listen and draw the image (interpretive listening)
  3. Teacher projects the description
  4. Students read and update their image if needed (interpretive reading) — teacher walks around
  5. Teacher reveals the image
  6. Students go oooh and aaaah and I was right! (quick brain break)
  7. Repeat with the next image

Here is a blind drawing activity for Halloween. The first few images could be “warm-ups” with very short descriptions, the last three images are full scenes. Feel free to choose the scenes you like best and adapt to your students!