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I am so thankful for all of you who have been purchasing LE PETIT JOURNAL FRANCOPHONE over the past few months. I enjoy reading news from all over the francophone world and creating summaries in comprehensible French for your students. And I really appreciate all your meaningful feed-back about this publication, thank you!

So, to spread the love, everything in my store is marked down 20% TODAY (Tuesday) and TOMORROW (Wednesday); and when you use the coupon code “LoveTpT” at checkout, you save an additional 10%!!

Here are a couple of products you might find interesting:

If you don’t want to get LE PETIT JOURNAL every other week via a subscription, but want your students to be exposed to the 2017 French presidential elections, let LE PETIT JOURNAL cover the elections for you! There will be a total of 6 articles (2 already published at the time of this post), all written in comprehensible French. Click on the image to purchase at a discount during the sale event.2017-french-presidential-elections

Some of you have asked for activities to go along the articles, something that could easily be integrated into a sub plan and/or a fast finisher activity folder. I unfortunately do not have time to create lesson plans for each article but I have come up with a set of activities for the article I wrote about Justin Bieber on September 25, 2016: one level of embedded reading, comprehension questions, and a short opinion writing. Check it out and send me some feed-back/suggestions, I might do this once in a while to help you with your sub/fast finisher folders.

If you are purchasing LE PETIT JOURNAL fairly regularly, you are better off getting a Spring 2017 subscription. Click on the image to purchase at a discount during the sale event.spring-2017-pj-subscription

And finally, if you are in 2017-2018 budget planning mode, the 2017-2018 subscription is now available to you. Click on the image to purchase at a discount during the sale event.2017-18-pj-subscription


ENJOY! And please continue to send me feed-back either on TPT or via email: cecileflaine@gmail.com



  1. Salut, Cécile! Est-ce que nous avons le droit de photocopier tes journaux pour les élèves, ou pas? Je ne m’en suis pas encore servie en classe car je ne savais pas et j’attendais d’avoir accumulé assez d’exemplaires pour que chaque élève en ait un…. Merci en tout cas pour ce formidable service! Nina Tanti

    *Nina Tanti* *Senior Lecturer of French* Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures *Director, Peer Educator Program* (Undergraduate Studies) Santa Clara University 500 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95053

    *ntanti@scu.edu *

    *112G Kenna Hall(408) 554-5177*

    • Bien sur! Tu peux faire autant de copies que tu veux pour tes classes. Par contre, tu n’as pas le droit de partager avec un collègue. Si un collègue veut utiliser les journaux, il/elle peut acheter une licence supplémentaire sur TPT (a moitie prix)

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