8/29/2017: Click here to go to the Petit Journal Francophone 2017-2018 subscription.

I just published my last Petit Journal Francophone for 2016. What an adventure! When I contacted Martina Bex last August, offering my help to create something like El Mundo in Tus Manos for French students, she immediately said: “you should own it”. And she proceeded to create a logo for me, send me templates, and walk me through how to set-up my own Teachers Pay Teachers store. Many thanks Martina for setting me up for success!  

I want to take a moment to thank the French teachers who have bought one, two, or all of the Petit Journal issues in the Fall of 2016, and also those of you who have taken the time to provide feed-back and send topic suggestions. I love hearing how these issues have worked out for your students. I am really excited that French teachers have one more resource to build their FVR libraries, and/or to incorporate current and cultural events from the francophone world into their everyday lesson planning. Writing comprehensible news is hard work but it is totally worth it!

And so without further do, I have three announcements: 

  • I have bundled all Fall 2016 issues at a discounted price.
  • I have created a Spring 2017 subscription (11 issues).
  • I have updated the Petit Journal format for an enhanced experience:
    • Issues are published on a biweekly basis
    • Each article is connected to an AP Theme/Sub-theme
      • En décembre, le Père Fouettard terrorise les enfants (Contemporary Life/ Holidays and Celebrations)
    • Reflection question(s) are added at the end of each article (when applicable)
      • Et toi, quelles sont tes traditions familiales ou régionales pour les fêtes de fin d’année6 ?

Merci et bonnes fêtes de fin d’années!