“Le Petit Journal Francophone” : comprehensible news for your Novice students

Interpreting current events is so central to becoming a global citizen but it is too often out of reach for our students for a variety of reasons I describe here. Enters Martina Bex, whose blog I follow regularly and eagerly. She has been publishing weekly news from the Spanish speaking world to help Novice students read read read about current events. I have been so inspired by her publications that I reached out to her and asked if I could do something similar in French. She not only thought it was a great idea, she actually designed a logo for me, shared her publication format, and showed me the ropes of Teachers Pay Teachers. Un grand merci, Martina!

So my dear colleagues, I present to you: “Le Petit Journal Francophone” (PJF), a weekly **01/01/17 edit: now bi-weekly** news summary for French students. Specifically targeted for Novice readers, PJF contains high interest stories from the francophone world, written in simple language. For further exploration of the topic, I also provide links to authentic resources.

Whether you use this publication in your Free Voluntary Reading program, or integrate it in a lesson plan, a sub plan, or a fast finisher activity, I hope you will find it relevant to your classroom.

photo credit: Tony Yoka, olympic champion 2016. http://commons.wikimedia.org

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