“Le Petit Journal Francophone” : comprehensible news for your Novice students

Interpreting current events is so central to becoming a global citizen but it is too often out of reach for our students for a variety of reasons I describe here. Enters Martina Bex, whose blog I follow regularly and eagerly. She has been publishing weekly news from the Spanish speaking world to help Novice students read read read about current events. I have been so inspired by her publications that I reached out to her and asked if I could do something similar in French. She not only thought it was a great idea, she actually designed a logo for me, shared her publication format, and showed me the ropes of Teachers Pay Teachers. Un grand merci, Martina!

So my dear colleagues, I present to you: “Le Petit Journal Francophone” (PJF), a weekly **01/01/17 edit: now bi-weekly** news summary for French students. Specifically targeted for Novice readers, PJF contains high interest stories from the francophone world, written in simple language. For further exploration of the topic, I also provide links to authentic resources.

Whether you use this publication in your Free Voluntary Reading program, or integrate it in a lesson plan, a sub plan, or a fast finisher activity, I hope you will find it relevant to your classroom.

photo credit: Tony Yoka, olympic champion 2016. http://commons.wikimedia.org



  1. Do I purchase the item each week or do I buy the one on TPT and then I get the semester of news? Please give some further details so that I know how much to budget for this awesome resource. And thank you so much for taking this on!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for your question. Each weekly issue is priced separately at $2.50 a piece and will be published every Sunday. So there will be a new product available next Sunday Sept 18. My plan is to have a new one every week except when I am traveling to France or during the holiday! I hope this answers your question.

  2. I am thrilled to find this resource in French! Thank you so much – I just purchased the first issue and can’t wait to use it in class! I will spread the word to my colleagues and encourage them to check out “Le Petit Journal” on TpT. This issue is especially timely because my French 1 students are going to learn raï singer Khaled’s “C’est la Vie”. Merci!

  3. Thank you for doing this! I read the article “Le Burkini…” with my French 3 class this week and it generated good discussion. Merci encore et j’ai hâte de voir le prochain!

    1. Merci! I am so glad to hear this: this particular article took me forever to write because 1) sorting opinions from facts is difficult 2) how do you simplify the language without sacrificing the complexity of the debate? I am so glad to hear it generated good discussion in your class.

  4. Thank you so much for your contributions to the larger world language teaching body. I am new to FVR and finding that even the small articles in Mon Quotidian are difficult for novice learners. I am eager to try your articles out this week to evaluate for my curriculum. Merci.

  5. Bonjour Cecile.
    Mon lycée a suffisamment de fonds pour acheter un abonnement à un journal. Est-ce que le Petit Journal Francophone sera disponible en 2019 ?

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